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HOLIDAY 2015 Holiday 2015 2 Holiday 2015 3 100 EUGENIE STREET WEST WINDSOR ON N8X 4Y6 CANADA TELEPHONE 519.966.6906 TOLL FREE 888.966.6906 To our dearest friends Isnt it indeed the most wonderful time of the year We look forward to seeing you no matter what time of year but theres something particularly magical about celebrating the holidays with you. We are year after year truly grateful that you invite our family to share in your lives no matter what the occasion but theres nothing quite as thrilling as sharing this jubilant season with you. We know you treasure your loved ones and we know just how exciting it is for you to find that perfect gift. And so once again we present this catalogue to you where we have curated some of our most exquisite pieces to be enjoyed by those you love most. Thank you for choosing a gift from Joseph Anthony known around the country as being the epitome of style and luxury. Whatever you choose from our elegant sophisticated collection will surely be enjoyed for a lifetime to come. On this wonderful joyous season we once again invite you to discover the magic that is Joseph Anthony and wish you the happiest of holidays. Holiday 2015 4 THE CHANEL MOMENT Holiday 2015 5 Holiday 2015 6 Holiday 2015 7 Holiday 2015 8 PRESENTING CL DE Cl de Cartier watch 35 mm Manufacture automatic movement 1847 MC 18k white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds Cl de Cartier watch 31 mm Automatic movement 18k pink gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds Cl de Cartier watch 35 mm Manufacture automatic movement 1847 MC 18k white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds Cl de Cartier watch 40 mm Manufacture automatic movement 1847 MC 18k pink gold Cl de Cartier watch 40 mm Manufacture automatic movement 1847 MC 18k white gold RE-THINKING A SIMPLE SHAPE For the conception of Cl de Cartier the challenge was clear to create a new form based on a perfect circle. A task that may at first appear effortless. But what seems straightforward is often deceptively so. The result is a feat of subtlety and restraint. Shapes are pared down and reduced to their essence. Everything is a question of precision balance and proportion. Great mastery was employed to create a seamless flow an elegant economy and a harmonious whole. Sharp edges were eliminated. The bezel is gently rounded the horns smoothly tapered. Each component unites to conjure up an intangible perfection that is at once surprising intuitive and universal. It is as it should be as if it were always meant to exist. A SIMPLE REVOLUTION Cartier has a rich history of creating innovative crowns and Cl de Cartier firmly upholds that heritage. This time it is not only one of the watchs most distinctive features but also the inspiration for its name. Cl in french means key and the crowns resemblance to one is unmistakable. The act of resetting the time and date introduces a new gesture to the world of watchmakingone that recalls the traditional turning of a key to wind up a clock. Its sizeable dimensions make the crown remarkably easy to handle. But functionality is not its sole asset. It is also an exquisite object in its ownright. Elongated and pure it is adorned with a sapphire that is not set in a classical manner. Instead it is ingeniously inserted to remain flush with the metal surrounding it. A SIMPLE CLICK The new indexed winding mechanism combines both facility and conviviality. Specially developed with user-friendliness in mind it incorporates a system that allows the time to be set with great ease. After making adjustments it is possible to push the crown back in place and return it to its vertical position without the hands movingan apparently simple gesture mastered thanks to Cartiers consummate savoir-faire. And an exercise accompanied by a reassuring sound that enhances the sensorial experience. The act of both turning the crown and pushing it back in activates a gentle clicking noise. A sound with echoes of congeniality quality and the complex inner workings of the finest timepieces. A SIMPLE STEP Combining cutting-edge technology and in-depth expertise the new movement was developed fabricated and assembled by the craftsmen of the Cartier manufacture in Switzerland. Its name1847 mcwas not chosen by chance. The numerals indicate the year of the maisons creation. With a 25.6 diameter it was imagined according to the same design principles as the case itself a pared-down approach and a focus on efficiency. The incorporation of a particularly rapid barrel provides it with tremendous chronometric stability. Its automatic mechanism with a dual-directionwinding mechanism is endowed with great robustness and durability thanks to a specially conceived lever system. Decorated with vagues de genve it boasts a semi-instantaneous date indicator and a 42-hour power reserve too. Holiday 2015 9 Holiday 2015 10 POIS MOI COLLECTION ROBERTOCOIN Holiday 2015 11 Holiday 2015 12 The newest collections from The Princess Collection A fairytale collection divided in different chapters of gold light and shade all framed by a weave of magical gold threads. The jewels from the Princess collection are all different and unique as the muses who inspired them. The gold shiny or satin hand- finished alternates with romantic floral patterns and expressions that are more rock and modern always hiding a precious twisted thread like a lingering fil rouge. Barocco Collection Inspired by the elaborate styling of Barocco architecture Roberto Coins Barocco exudes passion for the contemporary and classic. This collection pairs intricate detailing with fluid design for a sensual and sophisticated look. The light and airy flexible gold lends itself to effortless style. Necklaces bracelets rings and earrings are available in 18K rose yellow and white gold with diamonds. From left to right Barocco 18K yellow gold 5-row diamond cuff bracelet. Barocco 18K white gold 3-row diamond cuff bracelet. Barocco 18K rose gold single row diamond ring. Barocco 18K yellow gold cross necklace with diamond. From left to right Princess 18K slim diamond bangles. Princess 18K yellow gold diamond earrings. Princess 18K yellow gold wide diamond bangle. Holiday 2015 13 Holiday 2015 14 The New Lady Collections from OMEGA THE DE VILLE PRESTIGE The De Ville Prestige collection has long been distinguished by its sophisticated style. Featuring understated dials state-of-the-industry movements and timelessly fashionable designs this watch family is aptly named. And with the introduction of the newest ladies models which combine elegant fine jewellery with precise timekeeping the collection appeals to a new generation of fashion-forward style icons. The De Ville Prestige stands out with its jewellery bracelet inspired by the OMEGA Fine Jewellery Dewdrop collection. Dewdrop-shaped beads crafted from 18K red or yellow gold come together to form a glamorous fluid bracelet. The five-link bracelet has a butterfly clasp. This gorgeous timepiece is available in two sizes 32.7 mm and 27.4 mm and is fashioned from either 18K red or yellow gold. There are also two variations of the dial one style is created from pearled white mother-of-pearl and decorated with diamond indexes. The luxurious edition features an enchanting golden butterfly design that is complemented by white mother-of-pearl and diamond indexes as well. Both versions are adorned with a fully diamond-set bezel. The 32.7 mm models have a date window at 6 oclock on the dial. 18K red gold Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Equipped with one of the worlds most advanced mechanical movement the Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial is stylish sporty and prepared for an active lifestyle. This luxurious model features a pearled mother-of- pearl dial with 11 diamond indexes in 18K gold holders. This 38.5 mm 18K red gold ladies wristwatch with its diamond-set bezel is presented on an 18K red gold bracelet. At its heart is the revolutionary OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8501 a movement that can resist strong magnetic fields - even those greater than 15000 gauss. An elegant timepiece gets a new look inspired Holiday 2015 15 HAPPY DIAMONDS Holiday 2015 16 Day-Date THE ULTIMATE STATUS WATCH THE OYSTER PERPETUAL DAY-DATE ROLEXS MOST PRESTIGIOUS MODEL IS A WATCH LIKE NO OTHER. A TRUE WATCHMAKING ICON WITH A FORMIDABLE DESTINY THIS IS A SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER IN EVERY WAY AND HAS BEEN WORN BY MORE HEADS OF STATE LEADERS AND VISIONARIES THAN ANY OTHER WATCH. CREATED IN 1956 AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY IN GOLD OR PLATINUM THE DAY-DATE IS UNIVERSALLY KNOWN AS THE PRESIDENTS WATCH THE ULTIMATE STATUS WATCH CHOSEN BY THE WORLDS GREAT NAMES FOR ITS PERFORMANCE AND EXCEPTIONAL PRESENCE. AT THE SUMMIT OF WATCHMAKING The Day-Date owes its reputation and prestige first and foremost to its exceptional horological qualities. It benefits from all the innovations that have given Rolex watches their place at the summit of the contemporary art of watchmaking. Its principal characteristics are in fact summed up on the dial Oyster Perpetual Day-Date and Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified. Each of these markings highlights one of the features that make this a truly exceptional timepiece. Now in 2015 Rolex has redefined the status of Superlative Chronometer with calibre 3255 its new-generation mechanical movement that equips the new Day-Date. Rolex has established a level of chronometric precision that surpasses the level defined by COSC criteria. The new Day-Dates precision on the wrist satisfies criteria twice as exacting as those for an officially certified chronometer reconnecting with the brands heritage and restoring full weight to the notion of Superlative Chronometer. Symbolically superlative remains an emblematic qualifier for the Day-Date over and above the notion of precision. The Day-Date is the last flagship model created by the founder of Rolex and can be considered Hans Wilsdorfs ultimate achievement in his pursuit of excellence. And also as the watch that more than any other embodies the achievements prestige and success of the brand and of those who wear it. Holiday 2015 17 Over the years since its launch in 1988 the Mille Miglia has become a flagship collection of Chopard. In 2015 Chopard is entirely revisiting this grand classic by introducing the collection dubbed Mille Miglia GTS for Grand Turismo Sport. Drivers will find in this collection the new Mille Miglia GTS Chrono. Its sleek sophisticated design rejuvenates the Classic Racing spirit embodied by the Mille Miglia collection while remaining true to the identity codes of the chronographs rolled out over the past years. Since 1988 Chopard has been official timekeeper of la corsa pi bella del mondo that annually stretches from Brescia to Rome and back. The Mille Miglia collection stems from the fascination for classic cars nurtured by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele co-president of Chopard. A collector and active driver he takes part in the race each year. Contemporary aesthetics and a vintage spirit for a great Chopard classic Chopards Mille Miglia GTS collection welcomes a chronograph the Mille Miglia GTS Chrono. This model with its masculine lines is inspired by the classic cars that took part in the race between 1940 and 1957. Dedicated to Italys most famous and eagerly followed classic car race the Mille Miglia GTS Chrono is designed like a wristworn navigating instrument. Its 44 mm case fitted with short pointed lugs that are carefully tapered to ensure optimal comfort on the wrist while its sporting nature is enhanced by a graduated black aluminium bezel insert and facetted hands. The black dial and counters with red and white accents pay tribute to the aesthetic appeal of vintage cars. The date window appears in the red arrow representing the Mille Miglia arrow a nod to the contestant numbers appearing on the doors and bonnets of the competing cars. The thrill of the race is symbolised by the strong presence of red on the dial particularly on the minute track and the central seconds hand. This watch is available in steel with a steel bracelet or a rubber strap. The latter also echoes the racing world and is inspired by the classic 1960s Dunlop racing tires. Mille Miglia GTS Chrono Holiday 2015 18 Holiday 2015 19 MILLE MIGLIA RACING IN STYLE. WORLD SPONSOR AND OFFICIAL TIMEKEEPER SINCE 1988. MILLE MIGLIA GTS POWER CONTROL 168566-3001. CHOPARD MOVEMENT CALIBRE 01.08-C Holiday 2015 20 The Bentley B06 with its original 30-second chronograph system is being rolled out in a new more compact version accentuating its sophisticated and sporty design. It took to the road with a 49 mm case and now returns in a special S version with a 44 mm diameter that is bound to appeal to devotees of fine mechanics offering a blend of elegance and performance. The knurled pattern on the bezel a nod to the famous Bentley radiator grills is picked up in the motif stamped on the black or silver dial. But alongside its unusual eye-catching design the Bentley B06 S is also distinguished by its exclusive engine. ManufactureBreitlingCalibre B06 entirely developed and produced in the Breitling Chronomtrie workshops and officiallychronometer- certified boasts an ingenious 30-second chronograph system inspired by a 1926 Breitling patent. It involves a central hand sweeping around the dial in half a minute and thus ensuring extremely precise eighth-of-a-second readings of the times it measures. Another worldwide exclusive feature is the variable tachymeter with rotating bezel serving to calculate average speeds whatever the time elapsed the distance covered or the speed reached. The Bentley B06 S is available in steel or red gold and comes with a choice of a bracelet or a strap in leather crocodile or rubber with a central raised pattern matching the bezel. A perfect emblem of the Breitling for Bentley spirit. The B06 S Breitling for Bentley A highly exclusive engine Holiday 2015 21 DRIVING THE WORLD Holiday 2015 22 ROBERTOCOIN Holiday 2015 23 NEW BAROCCO CENTO COLLECTIONS OMEGA PRESENTS BOND Submerged in tradition the Seamaster has been James Bonds watch since Goldeneye in 1995. With his naval history and classic style it is perfectly suited to his iconic character. This special timepiece will for obvious reasons be limited to just 7007 pieces and with its stainless steel case and black dial the sleek design has instant appeal. The bi- directional rotating diving bezel is also black this time made from polished ceramic. Combined with a LiquidMetal 12 hour scale time can be kept with any country in the world. Ideal some might say for a person on the move. Other unique features include the lollipop central seconds hands as well as the 5-stripe black and grey NATO strap - otherwise known as the James Bond NATO Strap. On the bracelets strap holder 007 has been engraved. However wearers are also given their own serial number printed on the back. This personal identity is complemented by the engraving of the SPECTRE film name celebrating the latest on-screen adventure. Of course no Bond would be complete without the gadgetry. On the inside this watch is driven by the highly innovative OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8400 a revolutionary movement in its own right. THE OMEGA SEAMASTER FAMILY WELCOMES A NEW LIMITED EDITION MODEL INSPIRED BY THE WORLD OF JAMES BOND In anticipation of SPECTRE OMEGA has created a limited edition Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M model inspired by the Bond family coat of arms. The symbol is repeatedly interlocked to create a dynamic pattern on the watchs blue dial. The coat of arms is also found near the tip of the yellow central seconds hand.. Among the most striking elements of this 41.5 mm stainless steel timepiece is the oscillating weight of the movement visible through the sapphire crystal caseback. This component has been cut and shaped to resemble a gun barrel a design feature associated with James Bond.. Powered by the completely new OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8507 this timepiece is resistant to magnetic fields of 15000 gauss. The timepiece is presented on a stainless steel bracelet and will be produced in an edition limited to 15007 pieces. Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition Submerged in tradition the Seamaster has been his naval history and classic style it is perfectly suited to his iconic character. This special timepiece LiquidMetal 12 hour scale time can be kept with Other unique features include the lollipop central NATO strap - otherwise known as the James Bond NATO Strap. On the bracelets strap holder 007 personal identity is complemented by the engraving of the SPECTRE film name celebrating the latest on-screen adventure. Of course no Bond would be complete without the gadgetry. On the inside this watch is driven by the highly innovative OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8400 a revolutionary movement with James Bond.. Powered by the completely new OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre 8507 this timepiece is resistant to magnetic fields of 15000 gauss. The timepiece is presented on a stainless steel bracelet and Holiday 2015 24 I went to a second-hand store and I bought myself an OMEGA. I thought if I dont become James Bond this will be a reminder that I nearly did. -Daniel Craig THE NATO STRAP NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was created after WWII but the fact it gave its name to a strap whose origins lie in that conflict is down to one thing bureaucracy. Its origins lie with the one-piece canvas straps used by British pilots navigators and army personnel in WWII. To make the war-zone watches more robust suppliers including Omega replaced spring-loaded bar strap attachments on the lugs with fixed bars soldered into place. To order this Strap Wrist Watch British military personnel filled out requisition form G1098 and on that they had to enter a 13-digit stock number as standardized across NATO forces. Hence the strap became known the G10 NATO strap eventually truncated to just NATO. And so the multi-hued striped nylon NATO as widely used on non military watches today including the SPECTRE Limited Edition was born. Holiday 2015 25 Holiday 2015 26 The Tempo Collection Music is a constant in David and Sybils life and the inspiration for the Tempo collection. Evan captures this rhythm with strands of sculpted metal punctuated with brilliant gemstones that echo the display of an audio equalizer. In darkened sterling or 18k gold Tempo captures the youthful beat of New York at night. MATERIALS Sterling silver with black spinels darkened sterling silver with diamonds 18k gold with diamonds. ASSORTMENT Bracelets rings earrings and necklaces PRICE Starting at 875 The Belmont Collection David Yurmans love of horses inspired him to create a collection based on the buckle motif. When kissed with gold or pave diamonds and paired with his signature cable design the functional form becomes a wearable work of art. This season the collection features a new flexible chain that still evokes the classic quality of the original. MATERIALS Sterling silver and 18k gold sterling silver and black onyx 18k gold with diamonds sterling silver and diamonds. ASSORTMENT Bracelets rings earrings and necklaces PRICE Starting at 575 The new collections from Holiday 2015 27 TAG HEUER CARRERA AUTOMATIC DIAMONDS Cara Delevingne challenges rules. Being free-minded is her motto. Like TAGHeuer she dees conventions and never cracks under pressure. Holiday 2015 28 Holiday 2015 29 Holiday 2015 30 Over the past decade Ippolita has become a force in fine jewelry creating designs that let women look beautiful every day. Born and raised in the hills overlooking Tuscany Ippolita spent her childhood immersed in the art and architecture of the Italian Renaissance. After earning a degree in sculpture from the renowned Istituto DArte in Florence she was off to New York to pursue her passion for art and craft. Several years of experimentation led to what would become her eponymous 18k gold collection inspired and influenced by her love of shape and form. Ippolitas dedication to craftsmanship means that every piece of her jewelry is made by hand. Strongly influenced by fashion her goal is to create jewelry that you really want to wear all the time that is easy and that makes you feel good. Her six essentials for any jewelry wardrobe are stacks of bangles everyday earrings a statement ring long necklaces anything with color and party earrings. Dont feel intimidated and dont feel that there is a special occasion that you are waiting for. Life is the special occasion. The time is now. From left to right Wonderland rings in 18k yellow gold and gemstones from 3990. Silver bangles with turquoise from 450. 18k yellow gold stud earrings with various gemstones from 900 Lollipop necklaces in 18k yellow gold and gemstones. From 990 Holiday 2015 31 joseph-anthony.comHoliday 2015 31 Holiday 2015 32 Since its inception Longines has been attuned to the desires of its female customers. In line with its rich watchmaking history that has produced many legendary models worn by stylish women throughout the ages the Swiss watch company presents a new collection for women who embrace modernity Longines Symphonette. Resolutely contemporary these designs will delight lovers of chic and trendy aesthetics while remaining true to the timeless elegance that characterises the winged hourglass brand. The eminently feminine case sports an ellipse and sets the tone this new range will thrill lovers of modern bold watches. The brilliance of steel gold and diamonds enhances the refinement of the dials while the finely crafted bracelets add the finishing touch to the whole piece. An ode to twenty-first century women the Longines Symphonette is designed for women who want to wear a contemporary yet elegant watch to shine in the spotlight of their evenings out. Available in four sizes - the oval steel and diamond-set steel cases of the Longines Symphonette house a quartz movement. The mother-of-pearl hour circle comes with either diamond indexes or with inlaid Arabic numerals. The polished lacquered black dial is adorned with diamond indexes while the silver-coloured flinque dial features Roman numerals. Mounted on a black alligator strap or sophisticated steel mesh bracelet. LONGINES PRESENTS SYMPHONETTE Longines is launching a new collection designed as a contemporary interpretation of the elegance so dear to the Swiss watch brand Longines Symphonette. The unique oval shape of the cases the sophisticated mesh of the bracelets and the refined dials of the different variations are like notes that come together in an impeccably controlled arrangement. when elegance and modernity come together in harmony Holiday 2015 33 Holiday 2015 34 joseph-anthony.comHoliday 2015 34 by Pois Moi pave diamond collection from 5990 Discover The Pois Moi Collection Pois Moi 18k 1-row bangles 4990 each. with diamond accents 5990 each. Atriumph in innovation design and style Pois Moi is signature Roberto Coin collection. Originally debuting in 2013 the collection continues to evolve with newer designs while incorporating a vintage aesthetic into an ultra-modern design. The inverted point pattern repeated on the exterior of the pieces give Pois Moi its name. Meaning point in Italian Pois have been utilized to create a geometric modern pattern. Also incorporated throughout the collection is the soft square shape visible when viewing the side profile of each piece. The silhouette recalls vintage television sets from the 1950s and also lends itself to a fit perfect for every woman. Sleek high-polished bangles complement every wrist while rings earrings pendants and necklaces are the perfect way to complete any ensemble. Available in 18K yellow rose and white gold Pois Moi fuses impeccable precision linear design and elegant style to create a truly iconic collection. Pois Moi 18k yellow gold circle pendant 1950. Pois Moi 18k yellow gold pendant with diamonds from 1790 Holiday 2015 35 TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE HEUER 01 Four world championships and two league MVP awards. Forty-six game winning drives. The longest winning streak in NFL history. Tom Brady is a champion and champions never crack under pressure. Holiday 2015 36 Akoya pearl strand necklace. From 1990 Twist ring with 11mm white south sea pearl and diamonds 6000 Pearls in motion necklace with 8mm black south sea pearls and diamond clasp 5900 Triple row Akoya pearl bracelet. From 5600 Pearl drop earrings with diamonds From 1500 Gift Ideas Holiday 2015 37 Holiday 2015 38 YACHT MASTER A CHIC SPORTY AND TECHNICAL WATCH ROLEX HAS INTRODUCED A NEW BLACK AND 18 CT EVEROSE GOLD VERSION OF ITS NAUTICAL OYSTER PERPETUAL YACHT-MASTER FITTED EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE INNOVATIVE OYSTERFLEX BRACELET DEVELOPED AND PATENTED BY ROLEX. This new Yacht-Master is offered in two sizes 40 mm and a new 37 mm diameter. Its Oyster case in 18 ct Everose gold includes a rotatable bezel fitted with a new Cerachrom insert in black ceramic with polished raised numerals on a matt background. This finish underscores the similar contrast between the polished 18 ct Everose gold watch case and the matt black of the Oysterflex bracelet dial and Cerachrom insert. NEW OYSTERFLEX BRACELET The Yacht-Masters new Oysterflex bracelet developed and patented by Rolex offers a sporty alternative to metal bracelets without compromising robustness waterproofness or reliability. Aesthetically and in suppleness and comfort it resembles a rubber strap while its resistance is comparable to that of a metal bracelet. The bracelet attaches to the watch case and the Oysterlock safety clasp by a flexible titanium and nickel alloy metal blade. The blade is overmoulded with high-performance black elastomer which is particularly resistant to environmental effects very durable and perfectly inert for the wearer of the watch. For enhanced comfort the inside of the Oysterflex bracelet is equipped with a patented longitudinal cushion system that stabilizes the watch on the wrist. CERACHROM BEZEL AND BLACK DIAL The new Cerachrom insert in black ceramic fitted in the rotatable bezel is true to the Yacht-Masters identity. The raised numerals and graduations with a highly polished finish stand out clearly against a matt background allowing the wearer to easily read elapsed times of up to 60 minutes. The matching black dial a first for this model contrasts sharply with the broad Chromalight hands and hour markers filled with a luminescent material emitting a long- lasting blue glow. Holiday 2015 39 joseph-anthony.comHoliday 2015 39 Holiday 2015 40 joseph-anthony.comHoliday 2015 40 Gucci Flora collection Gucci Jewelry is delighted to introduce a new fine jewelry collection inspired by the flora motif. Poetic delicate and elegant the line explores different styles featured in both the high jewelry masterpieces and the exquisite fine jewelry. Gucci Floras dainty flowers and butterflies are worked in novel materials and techniques whilst other new motifs such as a skull and flower introduce a bold addition to the original design. The Gucci Flora collection includes high-end masterpieces that are stunning in their detail and which represent the utmost of Guccis jewelry artisanship. Gucci Marina Chain Collection Guccis Marina Chain motif dates back to the 1950s and was inspired by the world of yachting a pastime popular with Guccis glamorous clientele. Initially the Marina Chain together with other nautical motifs found its way onto Gucci sports bags and gifts. Testament to the popularity of the design the Marina Chain was translated into jewelry for the first time in the 1960s. Today the de- sign characterized by its interlinking pebble shapes is a Gucci icon used in jewelry and timepieces. This new Marina Chain ensemble with its choice of two shades of gold comprises a stunning chok- er an eye catching tassel necklace and statement chain bracelet. The pieces can be worn together for a classic look or in a mix of golds for a more modern style. From left to right Gucci Flora bangle in 18K pink gold and fuchsia enamel 2405 Gucci Flora bangle in 18K white gold and diamonds 6115 Gucci Flora necklace in 18K pink gold and fuchsia enamel price available upon request. Gucci Marina Chain tassel necklace in 18kt yellow gold 29935 Marina Chain medium bracelet in 18kt yellow gold 6220 Gucci Marina Chain necklace in 18kt yellow gold 12440 Holiday 2015 41 Holiday 2015 42 Happy Diamonds Joaillerie Diamondsandflowersthequintessentialcombination to celebrate the awakening of spring. Chopards new creations blossom in the garden of the iconic Happy Diamonds Collection. With diamonds glistening like dewdrops on silky petals the new Happy Diamonds Jewellery collection gracefully and poetically evokes the emotion freshness and magic of shimmering light dancing across an enchanted garden. Nature has always been an inspiration to the world of fashion. Drawing from this Chopard has unveiled a Happy Diamonds collection of pop art inspired flowers with a decidedly modern twist. A fresh spontaneous bloom graced with slender curves whose delicately rounded softness and harmony delight the senses. Happy Diamonds a free spirit Free of any setting Happy Diamonds and its classic twirling energetic joyful gems have played a starring role in Chopards history. The design was inspired by the vision of sunlight sparkling on the droplets of a waterfall during a walk in the Black Forest. Happy Diamonds swiftly became a signature of the house with their iconic spirited character showcased in countless variations. Available in 18ct white or rose gold this floral Happy Diamonds collection is comprised of a pendant ring and earrings. Each piece is set with 19 diamonds or a gradation of blue or pink sapphires and a floating diamond thus becoming a unique jewelled addition to the Happy Diamonds family. Through the beauty of a diamond bouquet a spring dream is realized and leads Chopards Happy Diamonds in a renewed free-spirited dance. Holiday 2015 43 Montblanc Heritage Chronomtrie and Hugh Jackman Crafted for New Heights In homage to the European explorer and his need for utmost precision Montblanc pays special tribute with the Montblanc Heritage Chronomtrie Quantime Complet Vasco da Gama Special Edition featuring a full calendar and a blue lacquered constellation around the moon phase which shows the exact same night sky above the Cape of Good Hope as Vasco da Gama observed it in 1497 on his rst journey to India. Visit and shop at Holiday 2015 44 The Ronde Croisire Ronde Croisire de Cartier is Cartiers newest casual chic round watch with a bezel coated with black ADLC. Inspired by a boats wheel the name Croisire literally translates cruise. Ronde Croisire de Cartier watch 42 mm Manufacture self-winding mechanical movement caliber 1847 MC. Steel case steel bezel with ADLC coating fluted crown set with a black synthetic spinel cabochon sword- shaped hands sapphire crystal black calfskin strap double adjustable folding steel buckle calendar aperture at 3 oclock. Case dimensions diameter 42mm thickness 9.7 mm. Water-resistant to 10 bar approx. 100 meters 330 feet. Also available on metal bracelet. Croisire literally translates cruise. Ronde Croisire de Cartier watch 42 mm Manufacture self-winding mechanical movement caliber 1847 MC. Steel case steel bezel with ADLC coating fluted crown set with a black synthetic spinel cabochon sword- Croisire literally translates cruise. Ronde Croisire de Cartier watch 42 mm Manufacture self-winding mechanical movement caliber 1847 MC. Steel case steel bezel with ADLC coating fluted crown set with a black synthetic spinel cabochon sword- Croisire literally translates cruise. Ronde Croisire de Cartier watch 42 mm Manufacture self-winding mechanical movement caliber 1847 MC. Steel case steel bezel with ADLC coating fluted crown set with a black synthetic spinel cabochon sword- Croisire literally translates cruise. Ronde Croisire de Cartier watch 42 mm Manufacture self-winding mechanical movement caliber 1847 MC. Steel case steel bezel with ADLC coating fluted crown set with a black synthetic spinel cabochon sword- Croisire literally translates cruise. Ronde Croisire de Cartier watch 42 mm Manufacture self-winding mechanical movement caliber 1847 MC. Steel case steel bezel with ADLC coating fluted crown set with a black synthetic spinel cabochon sword- by Holiday 2015 45 presents the BOY.FRIEND watch its new watch creation A watch with a masculine allure just for women. SHAPE THE OCTAGON A shape that brings the emblematic and iconic PREMIRE watch to mind as a tribute to the legendary N5 bottle and to Place Vendme. A creation inscribed in the watchmaking vocabulary of the House with its sober refined design strong lines and its signature shape. The design is both contemporary and classic and its angles are polished or satin-finished. When purity reveals perfection. INSPIRATION THE MASCULINE CHANEL takes its first feminine creation the PREMIRE into masculine territory. The BOY.FRIEND watch holds within the art of twisting the elements from the masculine wardrobe so dear to Mademoiselle Chanel. With its enigmatic name it doesnt think twice about shaking up the classic feminine watchmaking codes. h-anthony.comHoliday 2015 46 josep Here the questions of allure balance proportion and details are answered- XL size of 37 x 28.60 mm equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement and a small seconds counter at 6 oclock - Large size of 34.60 x 26.70 mm equipped with a quartz movement and a small date counter at 6 oclock - A curved watchcase outlined with bevelled edges in satin and polished finishes in 18K beige gold with or without diamonds or in 18K white gold set with diamonds - An opaline dial with a fine guilloch finish highlighted by an oblong shape devoid of numerals - A semi-matt Mississipiensis alligator strap with pin or triple- folding buckle. When the masculine reveals the feminine... Holiday 2015 47 Holiday 2015 48 Fope is an Italian goldsmith an international jewellery brand a tradition that keeps innovating. Headquarters and production are located in the beautiful town of Vicenza in Italy where the company was established in 1929 and where every jewel is created in-house thanks to skilled craftsmen and cutting-edge machines. Many are the successful collections that Fope has created in time but although the design of the jewels has changed the elegance and the timeless beauty of each piece remains the same. The Vendme collection for instance is characterised by a smooth flat mesh. At the heart of this line is Fopes unique and patented roll on bracelets and rings all crafted entirely in 18 carat gold and rendered fully flexible thanks to tiny gold springs hidden between each link. Discover the new collections of Holiday 2015 49 Holiday 2015 50 Ive always shared the love for black with the World of Fashion and I was looking for a new strong collection that could have the same success of my Fantasia Black White collection an icon of ultra glamorous style in jewelry. The new Black Jade collection has the right design and style impact and I am extremely proud to be the first one to introduce black jade from Africa as the protagonist stone of the new Roberto Coin iconic collection. The Black Jade Collection Top of page Long Black Jade necklace in 18k with diamonds 14800. Black Jade collection pendants in 18k and diamonds from 5390. Black Jade bracelet in 18k with diamonds 11000. Black Jade ring in 18k and diamonds 3790. by Holiday 2015 51 Holiday 2015 52 Holiday 2015 53 Holiday 2015 54 Fused Metorite by Inspired by the explosive power of a meteorite striking Earth Evan Yurman creates Fused Meteorite the latest incarnation of our groundbreaking Meteorite Collection. Continuing a tradition of innovation the designs push the boundaries of traditional jewelry making by fusing fragments of extraterrestrial material with sterling silver. Each piece has a one-of-a-kind pattern and a look that is organic yet refined. Collection priced from 800 Diamantissima by Gucci Jewelry is pleased to introduce a new silver jewelry line for men showcasing one of Guccis most iconic motifs the Diamante pattern. The collection includes four items worked in solid silver and has an appealing vintage look thanks to an aged palladium finish. All Gucci jewelry is handcrafted by highly skilled Italian goldsmiths and the high end jewelry collection is the epitome of impeccable craftsmanship. Luxury is defined by the choice of precious materials the uniqueness of each design and the meticulous attention to detail. Gucci Jewelry offers Italian made designs that can be worn everyday and treasured forever. Gift Ideas for Him Diamantissima bracelet in sterling silver 490 bands in sterling silver thin 240 wide 250 necklace in sterling silver 360. Holiday 2015 55 2015movadogroupinc. INTRODUCING BELLINA THE MODERN SPORT WATCH FOR WOMEN. DIAMOND ACCENTS. MOVADO.COM Holiday 2015 56 joseph-anthony.comSome jewelry displayed patented US Pat. No. 7007507 2015 Pandora Jewelry LLC All rights reserved PANDORA.NET y o u w e a r i t . Shown Iconic PANDORA bracelets featuring sparkling ice-blue stones set in .925 sterling silver Shown Dazzling rings in .925 sterling silver and 14K gold Shown Crystalized Snowake ring with brilliant blue stones set in .925 sterling silver Shown Brilliant shades of blue set in .925 sterling silver Shown Luminous earrings with ice and blue stones set in .925 sterling silver Shown Shimmering Murano glass and white crystal strung on dark blue leather every time t h e g i f t t h a t e v o lv e s W R A P P E D A R O U N D Y O U R F I N G E R . H AV E T H E M A L L I N T R I C AT E LY T H I S S E A S O N O F I R I D E S C E N T B L U E M U R A N O G L A S S . E X P R E S S I O N R E F L E C T E D I N T H E FA C E T S O N A L E AT H E R B R A C E L E T. G I V E P E R S O N A L I T Y H E A R T WA R M I N G S E N T I M E N T S . C L A S S I C S T Y L E A N D M U S T - H AV E S T Y L E S . W I T H O N E O F T H E S E A S O N S A S U N I Q U E A S S H E I S G I V E H E R A G I F T Holiday 2015 57 SomejewelrydisplayedpatentedUSPat.No.70075072015PandoraJewelryLLCAllrightsreservedPANDORA.NET SOME GIFTS ARE PURE MAGIC BESTOW ELSAS DRESS AND CROWN ONTO A DESERVING SUBJECT. CREATE A HAPPILY EVER AFTER. SHARE THE ARTOFYOU SHOWN DISNEYS FROZEN CHARMS IN BLUE ENAMEL STERLING SILVER AND HAND-SET PAV. Disney Holiday 2015 58 HUGOBOSS.COM Holiday 2015 59 Produced under license of Ferrari Spa. FERRARI the PRANCING HORSE device all associated logos and distinctive designs are property of Ferrari Spa. Holiday 2015 60 Historical horology The Tissot Chemin des Tourelles is a very special piece that encapsulates an important part of Tissots history. It takes its name from the street in Le Locle Switzerland where the Tissot workshop was established in 1907 and where the company can still be found today. The watch compliments the companys vast 161 years of expertise with a contemporary design with an elegant case that comes in a variety of different nishes including polished and brushed perfectly demonstrating the technical know-how Tissot puts into every piece. The result is wonderfully luxurious but still easily accessible thanks to the good value Tissot is still proud to offer. A model for everyone The Tissot Chemin des Tourelles comes in a variety of different versions but all models pay close attention to detail and offer enough to keep everyone happy. Some pieces - both three hand and chronograph - have beautiful details such as clous de Paris under the Roman indices which are in a hypnotic circular pattern you will not be able to take your eyes off. Customers will enjoy choosing the right watch for them. Some will enjoy sunray dials that play with the light in interesting ways while others will prefer to go for more sober models that have a date display which gives sophisticated symmetry to the design. There is enough variety to ensure this is set to be a very popular piece. Tissot Chemin des Tourelles automatic with the chronograph version that won the International Chronometry Competition 2015 TISSOT CHEMIN DES TOURELLES POWERMATIC 80 LADY TISSOT CHEMIN DES TOURELLES POWERMATIC 80 GENT TISSOT CHEMIN DES TOURELLES THE GUCCI SYNC TIMEPIECES COLLECTION Inspired by the creative possibilities enabled by the online arena and its window into the younger generation Gucci Timepieces Jewelry has released GUCCI SYNC Social. Young. Network. Community a unisex timepiece aimed at a connected upbeat and music-oriented audience available only through online channels. The new watch comes in two sizes XXL 46mm or large 36mm. With its sun-brushed dial stainless steel and transparent nylon case and stadium-shaped steel bezel GUCCI SYNC resonates with the streamlined aesthetics of a digital millennial generation. GUCCI SYNC comes in five colors white red black blue and khaki green. Each colored dial displays Guccis iconic interlocking GG symbol. The Gucci logo is etched around the stainless steel case at 9 oclock and also appears on the dial at 12 oclock. The timepiece features a variation of the iconic Gucci web stripe motif in green-red-green or blue-red- blue integrated into the rubber strap and as a color accent on the crown. Sun-brushed dials in matching red black silver tone or blue are complemented by a red seconds hand for a final flash of color. By bringing together music and online outlets GUCCI SYNC symbolizes the synergy with the digital world an effective way for Gucci Timepieces Jewelry to connect with its younger communities. The GUCCI SYNC collection are priced at 540 each. SYNC Holiday 2015 61 BREITLING LAUNCHES CHRONOLINER The authentic flight captains watch. A chronometer- certified chronograph to measure flight times a second timezone display in 24-hour mode to juggle time differences around the planet a scratch-resistant high- tech black ceramic bezel the new Chronoliner reinterprets the spirit of aviation in an original and timeless style. Inspired by a model from the 1950s and 60s an era when Breitling was already an official supplier to world aviation the new Chronoliner continues this tradition in a resolutely modern spirit. Its most distinctive feature is a broad bezel in scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic one of the hardest synthetic materials with a star-shaped cut-out to facilitate handling along with white ceramic numerals ensuring an optimal contrast. The second timezone is clearly and simply read off thanks to the red-tipped hand and this rotating bezel with its graduated 24-hour scale equipped with an ultraprecise ratcheted system. Just the ticket for a long-haul flight anywhere in the world. The performances of the chronograph which is officially chronometer- certified by the COSC Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute like all Breitling movements are displayed on counters at 12 9 and 6 oclock. The dial is distinguished by a degree of legibility worthy of the finest flight instruments with white luminescent hour-markers standing out against a black background oversized hourminute hands along with counter hands also featuring a luminescent coating. The robust polished steel case with its 46 mm diameter radiates a strong presence on the wrist of professionals. The caseback bears the stylized planes that were a longtime Breitling signature. The original and timeless touch is complemented by a comfortable and distinctive steel mesh bracelet. The new Chronoliner the authentic flight captains watch. Holiday 2015 62 Roberto Coin designed the extraordinary Cento diamond with the brilliance and fire of love in mind. The exclusive 100 facet architecture of the Cento diamond has nearly double the facets of a traditional round brilliant diamond. Set in platinum 18kt white yellow or rose gold the Roberto Coin Cento Collection offers remarkable radiance and breathtaking design. THE CENTO DIAMONDS 100 FACETS ARE EXCLUSIVELY MEASURED AND CUT BY HAND. Cento is the exclusive hand-cut 100 facet diamond. Roberto Coin has always emphasized the importance of the cut to enhance the light the fire and the life of each diamond. Apart from the number of facets a round brilliant cut must also be perfectly completed with exact proportions neither too deep nor too shallow. In order to reflect light rather than to disperse it must be allowed to be refracted within its many facets. Color purity and carat weight are natural characteristics of a diamond whereas cut is the only added value which is the result of the ability experience and skill of the master cutter. The extraordinary brilliance of the Cento Diamond is displayed by its unique floral pattern. Cento is the result of Roberto Coins creativity a cut with the innovation to change the traditional round brilliant with its 9-fold symmetry instead of the standard 8-fold. Multiply this by the 11 facet sections adding the top face referred to as the table and the final result is the desired 100 facets. The outcome is a symmetrical but not a mirrored diamond which cannot be replicated by means of a computer. Also the table of the Cento diamond has a proportion that has proved to display a scintillating combination of reflection and brilliance. All Cento Diamonds are exclusively cut and polished by hand by the best master diamond- cutters of the world. THE GUARANTEED VALUE OF A CENTO DIAMOND With the cooperation of the most skilled international gemologists Roberto Coin selects exclusively the most beautiful and valuable diamonds for his Cento Collection. This selection is based not only on the international parameters of evaluation but also with a more personal and sensitive judgment which considers and interprets every single diamond as a unique and incomparable masterpiece of nature. Thus owning a Cento Diamond has the total guarantee of possessing an extraordinary stone with secure value. STANDARD DIAMOND Top view 33 facets Bottom view 24 facets 8-fold symmetry CENTO DIAMOND Top view 37 facets Bottom view 63 facets 9-fold symmetry Holiday 2015 63 Holiday 2015 64 PLASMA HIGH-TECH CERAMIC Modern alchemy Imagine what would happen if you could take a piece of white ceramic and transform it magically into a gleaming watch case that looked like metal. Now imagine you could do it without using any metal. Sounds impossible. Rado didnt just imagine it they did it. Material magic Eye-catching plasma high-tech ceramic timepieces begin their lives white. Using modern and advanced material technology Rado has taken finished white ceramic components and subjected them to plasma treatment. During this process the molecular composition of the surface of the ceramic is changed by gases activated by a plasma discharge at 20000C in a specially-designed oven. The ceramic itself reaches a temperature of 900C its colour changes and a unique warm grey metallic shine emerges. As the plasma carburising process changes the chemical composition of the surface but does not alter its structure it does not affect the properties of the ceramic which maintains the same hardness scratch- resistance lightness and hypoallergenic benefits as white and black high- tech ceramic. And although the colour is only altered on the surface it will not fade over time and maintains its high-tech glow. Scintillatingly scientific and super stylish the brilliant warm grey metallic shine of plasma high-tech ceramic may look like metal but there is no metal involved at all. Achieved through this patented process first used by Rado plasma high-tech ceramic is 100 ceramic 100 innovative and 100 Rado. Shown above Rado Hyperchrome Plasma Chronograph Limited Edition. Rado True Automitc Plasma 40mm Holiday 2015 65 Holiday 2015 66 Say I Do with Spanning four decades Tacori designs have fused cassic elegance with modern inspiration creating some of the worlds most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry. The stunning beauty and intricacy of each piece of Tacori jewelry is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship. Hand- crafted in California these remarkably detailed rings and fine jewelry pieces become the timeless symbols of connection that join individuals and generations. TACORI ENGAGEMENT RINGS Tacoris passion for creating timeless and breathtakingly beautiful heirlooms is reflected in each facet of our stunning diamond engagement rings. Meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans each Tacori engagement ring is designed to uniquely express the passion and commitment of the individual Tacori customerbecoming the symbols of connection that join individuals and generations. Tacori engagement rings fuse classic elegance with modern glamour and style and each engagement ring is accompanied with a band recommendation TACORI LADIES BANDS Tacori wedding bands are the perfect complement for your gorgeous Tacori ring. Tacori artisans handcraft bands that are distinctly designed to enhance and frame the individual rings of every customer. TACORI MENS BANDS Tacori Mens Bands are ideal for the stylish man who goes beyond the basics and wants a ring to represent his unique distinct style. Tacori wedding bands for men are also the perfect complement to pair with the gorgeous Tacori engagement ring that his fiance is wearing. Tacori believes that rings created for such a special occasion should mean something to him and to her. A matched set of Tacori wedding rings creates a Tacori couple and Tacori lovers for life. Holiday 2015 67 Holiday 2015 68