The Diamonds of Roberto Coin
The diamond is the most famous precious stone. Not only is it a symbol of value, but also of love, light and beauty. A diamond is a masterpiece of nature, unique and special in its allure and rarity. Offered as a gift to celebrate love, it is adorned by women and men alike. A diamond is a messenger of enduring love; it represents a lifelong promise, a timeless symbol, an expression of emotion. Starting from this concept of uniqueness, which is the main feature of diamonds, Roberto Coin, always looking for new trends to support his belief in "The art of being unique", has taken on a new challenge: to make this extraordinary and meaningful stone even more exceptional.

The secret is to achieve a unique brightness which can spread light, so intense, as it has never been seen before. This is obtained by means of a totally innovative cut with almost double the number of facets compared to the traditional round brilliant cut: a total of 100 facets, instead of 57, through which light has a longer refraction, thus obtaining a true "Kaleidoscopic" effect. Thanks to this brilliant idea, years of research, and the cooperation of the best gem-cutters in the world, Cento was born: a diamond with 100 facets and an exclusive patent by Roberto Coin. Cento is a diamond which shines through the ordinary, spreading a beautiful and breathtaking light. A true masterpiece.

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